Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Letter of Apology

To my former best friend and junior sister from Wells College, Class of 1979, now living in Portsmouth, RI, because she didn't have the opportunity to read this letter:
I’m writing to ask if you could ever forgive me for being the callous, self-centered young woman that I was in the 1980s.  I have missed you very much ever since.  I have wanted to contact you, but couldn’t find out how until recently.  I am so very sorry I wasn’t more sympathetic and responsive.  I’ve always regretted our following out.

I am not sure if you were aware of it, but my father was an alcoholic, and more or less died from it.  He had almost a classic case of narcissism, which I just figured out.  I grew up pretty warped and it took a long time to overcome.  I think I’ve been mostly successful.

I hope you will reconsider our friendship.  If I don’t hear from you I understand.

It wasn't very nice to send your former friend's Christmas card back in the mail. 

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