Thursday, December 9, 2010

Do Cat Like Lava Lamps?

Midnight gets very bored during the winter. It doesn't help that she continues to reside only in the living room. When the porches were being replaced in the apartment complex, she had a lot to watch because the construction crew set up a workshop in our parking lot. After she ate in the morning she'd sit in the window watching the men. It was a long project and I could hardly believe it when it ended. (It would probably be the only time in my life that I was late for work because they were cutting the porch off my residence.)

I'd like to make her days more interesting. I don't like being bored either. At first I thought she might like to watch an aquarium lamp, but it occurred to me she might figure out quickly it's just the same old view. I bought a cat video for her and even after 40 plays a cat can figure out it's the same old video. She used to like a cartoon screensaver from Millanimation with funky aquatic creatures on it, but I'm using my computer during the day and I'm not buying her one.

The other day it occurred to me that she might find a '70s style lava lamp interesting. It's colorful and the wax is always moving and it never looks the same way twice.


  1. A second...or third and would give her something to do. LOL!

    Or how about real fish? A live hamster/gerbil/mouse? Heh heh. THOSE would keep her well occupied! :-D

  2. Yes, cats need enrichment, too, don't they? They even do this sort of thing for animals in the zoo. They usually make them work for something -- like getting food out of a tricky spot.

    Anyway, great idea!

  3. Dare we suggest a playmate? We don't know much about your situation, but if Midnight is young enough to play, a kittie about the same age or a little younger might be as much fun as anything for her.

    Failing that, you might try leaving the TV on, especially if you get Animal Planet or something like that.

  4. I already have 3 cats. The two younger ones get along great. I'm thankful because Emily pestered Midnight more than she could handle. Midnight used to play well with Molly, but since she developed arthritis, she doesn't feel like playing and gets grumpy. The arthritis supplements are working well. She teases me instead. I can't have the tv on when I'm working at home. At least the laval lamp works sometimes. At times I'll play her videos on my laptop too.