Saturday, February 22, 2014

Best Aspect of New Job

In the second half of January of this year, I began working as a client service representative, a job that I've officially never had before.  For one of the country's largest health insurance companies, I help physicians' offices obtain authorization for diagnostic imaging procedures.  I enjoy the job more than I thought I would.  I enjoy receiving phone calls from across the country, even Aiea, Hawaii!.  I like being called "Miss Debra" or "Miss Debbie" by Southern callers.  An appreciable number of my ancestors lived in the South. Some people are very appreciative.  The thanks I receive seems to make up for the times when I should have been thanked in the past and I never was.

Some of the callers live in the same areas that my ancestors did.  Waiting for the computer's screens to advance I used to make little comments about them, but it affected the speed and number of calls I handled, so I had to stop.  However, yesterday I had a very nice woman with the same name living in the area my grandmother's family came from, so I had to say something.  I have talked with some very nice people and I wished I could continue talking with them, but the demands of my job prevent me  from doing so. 

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