Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I Have to Knit

I brought home Midnight's ashes tonight and I feel very bad.  It still doesn't seem right here without her and it really hurts.  I have to knit to make myself feel better, but it can't be too difficult.  I dug out some yarn I bought a long time ago, Skye by Wisdom Yarns in shades of turquoise.  The color is 111 on this chart from Yarndex.
Because there were only 4 balls of yarn left to buy, my choice of vests was limited.  I decided to knit the Versatility Vest.  I've already knitted a vest following the pattern and I liked it very much.
As I started to knit the pattern, Molly hopped up into the chair next to me and started a kneading session on the  blanket, much like the way Midnight used to do.  She would sometimes knead for ten or fifteen minutes.  Usually Molly leaves after a snuggle session, but she's staying, for now.  I'm glad.

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