Monday, November 25, 2013

Finding the Magazine

I wanted to buy a copy of the Winter 2013 issue of Knit Simple.  The state of my finances, it's my Christmas present to myself this year.  I'd like to knit the cardigan below by Nicky Ephron.  I was thinking about a short-sleeved cardigan and I like leaf patterns very much. 

 If I can get the gauge, I want to use the sapphire Brown Sheep yarn my mother gave me. 
I went to seven stores today and couldn't find it.  The holiday issue is out, though.  According to the Knit Simple web site, the winter edition is supposed to be released December 10th.  Putting out the holiday edition before the winter edition?  I guess that makes sense to give knitters time to knit gifts.  My mind puts winter before the holiday, though.  I hope, then, that I didn't miss the issue, but I just looked too soon.  

I finished my Winter Leaves Shawl.  It looks beautiful.  I discovered the reason why one should measure a garment as s/he blocks it.  I have one side wider than the other.  I'll just have to redo it. 

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