Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Part Way There

I am steadfastly working on the Winter Leaves Shawl.  It's challenging to increase stitches and work in pattern at the same time.  When I stopped to look at the shawl last night, I saw that I did fine on one end, but did something completely different on the other.  I wish the good end was the one on the right so I could copy what I did on the left, but of course it's not.  *Sigh*  If I still had a working camera I would take a picture of the good side before I ripped it back.

I am the type of knitter who will take something back instead of fudging, although not all the time.  My feeling is if I'm only going to knit it once, I'd rather have it correct.  Occasionally on a shawl, despite my best efforts, I will have an extra stitch.  If it's not too noticeable or it doesn't affect the pattern very much, I'll just fix it by knitting two together.

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