Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Attention on Catster

My cats' diaries are getting attention lately on Catster.  Catster is a social web site for cat owners.  It has been around a long time and was pay only.  Recently I discovered there's a free membership level now.  For the fun of it I decided to open an account and create profiles for my cats.  People do like to talk about their pets, but not all people want to listen.  It's also an opportunity for me to play around a little with words. 

This past Sunday I received a message that Molly (full name Molly Kayleen) was Catster's Featured Diary of the Day.  She would be featured on the community homepage all day long.  She received many visitors.  Today I was told that Emily (full name Emily Rose) was the Featured Diary of the Day.  Not only that, Midnight was also chosen as one of today's featured diaries and would be displayed all day today at Diary Central. 

What am I doing right here?

Catster: the site for cat lovers

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