Monday, October 28, 2013

Late Night Knitting

I have managed to master Chart 2 of the Winter Leaves Shawl and I am well embarked on Chart 3, although not without mishaps.  Part of the problem may be because I'm knitting late at night, watching something on Netflix.  I wonder which is the problem.  

Most of the errors seem to be a forgotten yo.   There was one place where I wrapped the yarn around twice.  There are also a couple places where the stitch count is off, where I can find no problem in the pattern. I will fix the yo, but I'll have to fudge the stitch count problem since I couldn't see how it came about.  I can't always count or read a pattern correctly late at night, either.  When I see too many potential problems, I put it down until the next day.  Usually at least one problem goes away.  

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