Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas Cardinal Follow-Up

I am still working on the cardinal Christmas ornament.  As I worked on it, other matters came up.  One was the fluid leak under the car and a lengthy trip to the garage.  I was very glad the car could be fixed right away.

I was also trying to memorize three stories to tell.  I can't remember how long ago it was that I tried to do something like this.  I can't memorize a story and follow knitting instructions at the same time.  After telling the stories, I had to work on my mother's Christmas present, the beginning of her genealogy scrapbook.  I couldn't work on that at the same time I was learning stories because it was like another story and I couldn't fit another in my head.  I finished enough of the scrapbook for Christmas and Mom liked it very much.

I encountered a problem with the bird.  I didn't knit a shape that let itself to a  bird-like silhouette.  I had to knit another and change the last several rows to knit or purl 2 together to get a nice, rounded bottom as I saw one knitter on Ravelry make.  This body looked much better.  I sewed it up with the mattress stitch, stuffing it as I went.  I knitted the black mask and sewed that on all right.  When I sewed the wings on, I got them  lop-sided.  I decided to take one off.  Unfortunately in removing it, I cut a stitch in the body!  I managed to darn it and I don't think my friend will notice.  However, the ends on the wing I took off are too short so I have to knit another wing.  At that point I needed a little break from the birdie.  I really would like to finish it this week. 

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