Sunday, August 11, 2019

A Good Birthday

I  actually had a good birthday this year.  Not taking the day off from work was a good thing to do.  My cubicle was decorated with balloons and crepe paper streamers, and I got a card signed from almost everyone on my team.  Two different people sang the birthday song for me, a supervisor when she saw me on the floor and a co-worker as I was leaving for the day.

That evening, since I had hurt my hip a few days before, I decided not to do much of anything, except treat my hip, with inactivity and ice.  One of my favorite bands is Nightnoise, an Irish band inspired by folk music but sometimes their songs were touched with a different genre.  Below is their song "A Different Shore."

I was still missing four of their albums.  I decided to look on ebay for them.  There were a lot.  Generally in the past the prices ranged from 7 to 12 dollars and more.  Not this time. The highest I paid was 6 dollars and the other were between 3 and 4 dollars, and shipping and handling were all free.  I could not pass up these prices.

Saturday night two friends and I went to a favorite local diner for supper.  We had a great time together and the food was delicious.

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