Tuesday, January 15, 2019

For A Friend's Baby

A special friend is having a baby and a shower on January 26.  I had to wait until I was paid to buy the yarn and the pattern.  I didn't just fall in love with any pattern.  It had to be a set with a lovely figured pattern in Norwegian. That is not one of my languages.

I know my friend would love it.  I think I have a way figured out.  The same stitches are featured in a dress designed by the same person and it's offered in English!  I can compare the two.  There's also Google Translate and translation offered by DROPS. If I hadn't knit anything like this before, I wouldn't bother.  I had some success figuring out a Japanese pattern.

I ordered the yarn from Webs which is in a nearby state.  I've gotten their yarn quickly before.  I wonder if I can really pull it off.  Sometimes I can be too ambitious.  I keep telling myself these are pieces for a tiny, little baby.  I had better start printing the patterns and translating them.


I was close to figuring out the pattern, but I had a feeling there were construction details I wasn't picking up on.  I decided on the Henrik Baby Set by Tove Richter instead that was in English.  Reading it, it seems to have come  from a Norwegian designer with the same sort of construction detail so maybe I can figure out the other pattern for the future.

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