Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Better ME

I'm a fan of both the Bones and NCIS TV series.  I've been catching up on the Bones episodes recently.  I think the way Bones treated the death of Dr. Lance Sweets was absolutely horrible, having the team reduce the handsome, engaging psychiatrist and friend to a pile of bones. 

My mind got to thinking.  Dr. Mallard and his team always find the cause of death without reducing the body to a pile of bones.  Dr. Brennan and her team always have to reduce the body to bones to find the cause of death.  (I do know that's the whole point of the series.) From what I've learned from reading and watching countless numbers of these shows, I'm pretty sure Dr. Sweets' autopsy could have solved without reducing him to a pile of bones.  That was very disrespectful of Bones fans.  In my mind right now, Dr. Mallard is the better medical examiner. It 's a good thing that all people are fictional.

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