Sunday, August 10, 2014

Cats and Knitting

I had to wait for Emily to grow up before I could knit again.  She was at least three months old before I tried to knit with her in the house.  She swooped in, grabbed the yarn in her mouth and tried to run away with it.  That was what she did each time I tried to knit.  She would usually give up after three tries, but then the yarn would be too wet to knit.  

I think I could knit again when Emily was about four years old.  I quickly learned she was obsessed with my circular knitting needles and I always have to keep them stashed away.  When one wore out on me I gave it to her but she didn't play with it.  I think the fun for her is trying to steal them from me.  

She's fairly good about my knitting, although she likes to lie on whatever pattern I'm trying to follow.  Here I gave her an opportunity to be naughty, but she wouldn't be.

Occasionally she likes to get more involved.

I've learned that she loves to knead yarn, the nicer the better.  I have to stow it away as soon as possible.  That's some Sliver Moon merino in Spring Mist she found there.

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