Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Beginning the Bold and Blended Striped Wrap at Last!

I've wanted to knit Lara Neel's Bold and Blended Striped Wrap for quite a while. 

I struggled with the directions, though.  Maybe I hadn't knitted enough projects with short rows to intuitively understand them.

I had a epiphany when I went to the Periwinkle Sheep's open house.  A young woman and I looked at the directions together.  I studied the second photo to see which way the stripes were going and how they should be knit when the pieces slid into place.  My thoughts were further confirmed by the directions for the basic knitted mandala on the blog The Knit.  

The main difference is the shawl has a border.  I just compared the two patterns.  It seems I just needed the border stitches pointed out to me, as well as the right and wrong sides during the course of the pattern.  I thought that was a standard procedure in writing knitting patterns, but maybe I'm wrong.

I will be using yarn from the Periwinkle sheep to knit the shawl as well. I guess that's fitting. I had gotten a light blue skein at my knitting group's Christmas party.  At a local farmers' market I  bought two more skeins, a reddish purple one and a darker bluish purple.  Then I won a light gray skein from the Periwinkle Sheep blog.  I didn't like the two shawls I tried to knit with it.  Then this pattern was added to Ravelry and I thought the four colors would look good in it.

Here are the four skeins.  You can't really see the difference between the purples but there definitely is one.  I haven't knitted in a long time.  The beginning of summer or not, it will be a relief and a pleasure to have something to knit.

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