Saturday, April 5, 2014

Stash-Less Knitting

I've been trying to knit from my stash since losing my most well-paid job in 2009.  It doesn't seem to be working for the project below.

This is Greta by Christina Wall.  I have a lovely knit batik dress that I need a vest to wear with it.  I thought this vest would look very nice with it.  I thought I'd be able to use my teal worsted wool with it.  No, the green in the leaf pattern is not teal.  I think I unearthed a hank of yarn that was called spruce green when I bought it.  It sort of looked like teal, though.  It didn't go with the dress, either.  The only yarn I know is spruce green is in the cedar chest that's currently covered up with boxes.  Finding it will have to wait for a little while.  I think of the other color in the pattern as purple, but I'm pretty sure that's not what it is.  It might be sort of a plum.  I might have a hank near to it in color to use as a guide.   *Sigh*

All I've been able to do is think about knitting.  I'm allergic to dust and off my partial allergy shot  treatment for 3 years.  My body was not very happy with the heating season this year.  I was too muddle-headed to want to knit.  I knew I'd probably mess something up.  I'm feeling a little better now. 

While I haven't been able to knit, I used my thoughts to pursue my other avocation of genealogy.  I recently bought a month's subscription on Genealogybank.  Even though it's the same old story that a site is only as good as the resources it has on your family (as in none for the Indiana relatives),  I am finding information for paternal relatives in Massachusetts.  I hope I find some information for a cousin's family in New York.

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