Saturday, March 1, 2014


Congratulations, Ravelry!  The 4,000,000th user just created an account.  I've been on Ravelry since 2008 at least.  I remember using Ravelry as an example for something to my boss in applications development.

I do find Ravelry very useful as a Knitter.  First and foremost is the availability of inexpensive or free patterns, since the economy has hit me very hard.  I do enjoy seeing what is being designed overall, though.  When I need yardage for a particular yarn, yarn browsing is very useful.  I've taken good advantage of the groups.   I find the genealogy the most interesting.  Since I can no longer attend a knitting group, it's nice to know that I can find someone on Ravelry to help me with a project if need be.

My favorite statistic from Ravelry is that 4 out of 10 avatars are cats.  I've used my cats as avatars

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