Friday, July 26, 2013

Murphy's Law

My life this year seems to be strongly affected by Murphy's Law.  Today is a good example. I wanted to mend my new ribbon dress so that I could wear it to the Two Row Wampum Treaty Send-Off Celebration Festival tomorrow.  It has an L-shaped tear from when I fell into the symbolic firepit of the Daniel Nimham memorial in Putnam County.  In addition to the walls of the firepit itself, I fell on a sharp rock.  There was no tear i n the dress when I took it off.  However, after I washed and went to iron it, a tear developed in the back where I must have landed on the sharp rock. It stressed the fabric just enough so it couldn't withstand the washing and ironing.  I got my portable sewing machine out for the first time since I moved here.  The bobbin case is missing.  I imagine I wanted the bobbin that was in it, but why I didn't put it back I don't know.  It must have gotten knocked onto the floor somehow.  I have one more place to look then I give up.  I'll have to take the dress down to my mother's to fix the tear.  I think I'll sew at least one more ribbon dress while I'm there.  I have two cut out and I think I bought the ribbon for them.

I found an excellent video from Expert Village on repairing this type of tear:

Here's the second part:

My dress will never look new again.  However, I can repair the rip neatly and the fabric won't unravel around it in the future.  It's also on the back so I don't have to see it all the time and it should be less noticeable to everyone else.  I'm glad for that.

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