Monday, July 29, 2013

A Tasty Meal

That was me!  A friend was in town for the Tow Row Wampum Treaty Renewal Campaign kick-off celebration nearby in Troy, NY.  Later we went to a Chinese buffet for supper and to the Control Tower for ice cream.  I was out rather later at night than I thought I would be, so I had no insect repellent with me.  I was the mosquitoes' supper there!  I had at least 23 bites from the bugs on me.  Oh, my feet started to itch like mad!  It turns out the itch is created by the histamine in my system reacting to the saliva from the bites.  It reacted very well.  I'm surprised I went to sleep Saturday night.  I used something called Calogel that my mother gave me.  There's a list of other mosquito bite remedies on

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