Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Maybe This Pattern

A few years ago when a friend was closing her yarn shop, I bought some of her hand-dyed yarn.  Patricia of Eastside Weavers had a way of using colors that made me like colors I didn't usually.

This particular skein of fingering yarn I bought because it looked as though it would go with a summer dress I had.

I bought the dress for $5 at a flea market.  It seems to be a linen-cotton blend.  The background is green with a yellowish tint.  There are flowers splashed across it in an impressionistic print.  I haven't had it out in a few years, but the colors I remember are red, dark pink, purple and orange.  The dress is sleeveless with a scoop top and cut straight and was probably supposed to be mid-calf length on the average height woman (I'm not). I seem to remember it was a hank of merino between 800 and 900 yards.

I have been contemplating different patterns of wraps to wear with this dress when chilly and adding them to my ever increasing collection of favorites as Ravelry as they appeared.  I think I finally found the pattern, the Gwanwyn Shrug pattern by Lesley Jones.

Just something about it seems right.  I like the detail in the sleeves, and I don't think it'll get lost in the hand-dyed yarn.  The sleeves are a good length for summer and they aren't tight.  In summer you don't want wool too close against your skin, even merino.

Here's some more yarn from the Eastside Weavers I forgot I bought.  It's lace weight.  I don't know how many yards, but I hope it will be enough to try out one of the pretty lace shawls I've seen on Ravelry.  It might even go with the flowered dress too.

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