Friday, April 5, 2013

Tale of Two Toes

I recently finished my first sock in over 30 years.  I'm currently knitting its mate.  It had been a long time since I started the toe on the first sock and I did not keep good notes.  When I wanted to start the second sock,I didn't find the exact pattern I used (Fleegles Toe-Up No Flap No Hassle Sock Pattern.).  After successfully using the figure-8 cast-on and knitting around the stitches on the two needles once, I decided to follow Lynne Ashton's Seam Free Rounded Toe for A Toe.  Stubbornly I didn't want to make a stitch in a different spot on the second row, so I knit even instead.

The two toes didn't match.  I didn't think I was following Fleegle's toe correctly the second time, but I was.  The second toe, accidentally recreating Fleegle's pattern, fit much better, following the contours of my toes much more nicely, and I decided to keep it.   I don't know how similar the first toe I knit is to Ms. Ashton's. It turned out a lot shallower, like the toes for athletic and tube socks.  It relies on the stretch of the fabric.   It turns out when I knit the toe for my first sock, I didn't follow that pattern correctly either.  I left out knitting alternate rows even.

In my defense, my allergies were bothering me greatly when I started the first toe.  That was a few years  and many allergy shots ago.

If you ignore the toes, I am avoiding the second sock syndrome.  I started the second sock within a couple weeks of finishing the first sock, AND it's the same width as the first.  After getting used to the mechanics of the toe and the heel I just may turn into one of those people who think knitting socks is fun.

On a completely different topic, I was just yelled at by my cat until I starting to play an album on my laptop.  This cat has a minimum daily requirement for music and she yells at me if she doesn't get it.


  1. Actually, the pattern does say knit 1 row plain between increases. But I am glad that you ended up in the same place :)

    1. After the kindness you showed in your comment, I rewrote the post. I have discovered that I am more challenged by following patterns when I'm stressed, and this was obviously one time I was.

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