Friday, November 30, 2012

Genealogy Scrapbook

At this point in time my mother wouldn't be happy that I spent money on her, but I do know that subconsciously she still expects something for Christmas.  What I chose to do will at least spread out into other holidays.  I decided it was time to start a genealogy scrapbook for her.  Mom doesn't really understand pedigree charts.  There is a lot more information than the charts give you, anyway.  The genealogy programs on television the last few years gave me the idea of doing a scrapbook for her, only not in black and white.  Friends also want me to write a book from my research and this will also help me develop it. 

It was a good day to buy what I needed.  Since medication affects my mother's cognition, I thought it would be a good idea to buy the light green book that reads "Family" all over it.  That would help her remember what it was.  A few weeks ago when I looked they were in all the stores.  For one reason or other I went to three craft stores tonight and there was only one single book left, and of course I bought it, with a coupon.

In the family name section, I'll put in "[Mother's Name]"s Ancestors."  It's a very unusual person who is only the product of one family.

Inside this is a family tree silhouette you're supposed to put names and photos on.  It doesn't work.  I guess no one in the company realized that you go from 2 ancestors on a side to 4 to 8.  The numbers of branches don't agree, so I'll just ignore it.  The page is also slightly creased.  It was the same case with the one before that I almost bought.  I hope it'll iron out.

No blah backgrounds for me.  Pads of paper were on sale, so I found what I thought would be a nice assortment.  I plan to make the backgrounds for each basic family a different color.  I chose Recollections' Fashionably Chic.  The patterns have a nice vintage feel and are moderate in design.

I've liked K & Company's SW Botanical and finally bought a pad.  It doesn't have any pink in it, so I might have to look for another by the company.

I don't remember seeing Spring Blossom, but isn't it pretty?  Mom and I both like daisies and bumble bees.

This one might work, too:

I'm entering scrapbooking without a lot of money to spend on it.  I will have to do more with less, but that's my style anyway in most things that I do. I want to use the more interesting designs to accent the plainer backgrounds.  I hope it will work.

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