Monday, October 22, 2012

Black and White Cats in the Kitchen

I happen to have black-and-white cat kitchenware in my kitchen, mixed in with the vintage flower dishes, sugars and creamers.  Cats and flowers go together in my mind since growing up my cats always enjoyed the flower gardens.  My collection started when I found a Boston Warehouse black-and-white cat canister at a flea market in Rhinebeck.  The separate sections together make up the shape of a black-and-white cat lying down.   Then I discovered there was a matching cookie jar and tea kettle.  Here's a photo of a different cookie jar I got from ebay:

I did deviate to buy this tabby clock, but she holds flowers.

Recently from Woodenwimsie on Etsy I found this paper towel holder:

I think it belongs in my kitchen, don't you think?

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