Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Home Fiber Festival

I see there will be yet a third fiber festival this fall, this time in Springfield, Mass., within driving distance.  I can't afford to go to that one either.  It's not just buying yarn, although that's inevitable.  It's being surrounded by lots and lots of color.  It feels so good!  In a yarn shop it's difficult not to feel obligated to buy something.  A fiber festival is as close as I can get to being invisible and yet soak in all the color as long as I want. 

It's not like I need the yarn.  Here are a few photos when I was trying to do something cute or artsy.  My cats were too well behaved to comply.

This is only a small part of my stash.  Only one of the yarns was knitted, then it was tinked.  Some of my stash goes back to when I first discovered fiber festivals, sometime between 1990 and 1996.  Sometimes I was too busy to knit.  When you live by yourself and work full-time, you don't always have much time to knit.  Then later I became too sick with allergies to knit.
In between it was too difficult to knit.  See this kitten?
It was too hard to knit with her when she was younger.  After I took out my knitting, she would swoop in, grab the yarn in her mouth and try to run off with it.  After rescuing the yarn three times it was just too wet and yucky to knit with so I'd have to put the yarn away.  I had to wait until she was three years old before I could knit again.  Other than this and putting away all the knitting tools, including the circular knitting needles, I haven't had much trouble with her since.  I think that's pretty amazing. 
I have several projects waiting to be finished.  I should have a finishing weekend.  It's not that I have Startitis exactly.  Last year I was knitting sweater vests.  Several times I would be approaching the shaping where you have to pay more attention, so I would start another vest to take to the knitting group because I didn't want to make mistakes with the other vest.  You can see how you'd get in trouble if you keep doing this.  You can also keep in trouble if you don't keep track of what pattern you used and what size needles.  Sometimes I used a pattern for more than one yarn.  From now on, I will at least put a piece of paper with the knitted pieces with that information until I come back to it. 
I also have stash yarn I have to convert.  I've become more sensitive to fibers since my allergies have become more prominent.  Some of  the yarn I have might be beautiful but it's a little too itchy now.  When I started buying yarn it was difficult to find and afford the softer yarn.  Now it's much easier and I have to let go of some of my stash so I can buy it.
I'm pretty excited my last post got a comment from Love and Hisses!  

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