Saturday, July 22, 2017

Life or Death Struggle in My Cubicle

This past Monday morning I came into work and discovered that there had been a life or death struggle in my cubicle.  I found a small glue trap which my company had been using for bugs.  Instead I found a ring of light and darker fur, several mouse droppings and a semi-circle chewed out of the trap, and also an orange bottle cap.  A mouse had been stuck to the trap and chewed its way out.  I was told that the company had already discovered the bug traps made good mouse traps as well.

I was relieved the mouse had escaped.  I had tried glue traps at one time because the old-fashioned trap didn't work.  The mice in my apartment were too smart.  The mouse I caught had been stuck by its underbelly in the trap and screamed and screamed.  It was the very last time I used a glue trap for mice.

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