Saturday, October 10, 2015

Arvel Bird, Indian Summer Showcase

This video gets the official Molly Paw of Approval.

I haven't been very creative this year.  I was given an older camera that broke.  I'm still waiting for my right shoulder to heal.  It's difficult when you use a computer continually for eight hours a day at work, I keep having setbacks, like my doctor testing it to see how badly it was injured (not much).  It sure hurt afterwards, though. Sometimes even my hand hurts from work. I've had to cut way, way back on knitting. I haven't beaded since I lost Midnight.  She liked to help me bead.

People have called this year's allergy problems a pollen tsunami or supernova.  It got me from spring to fall.  The most irritating part is it makes me foggy-headed and tired.  I don't know how much was caused by medicine I became allergic to, though.

On the very first day of my vacation in June I sprained my right ankle, my driving ankle.  I'm still waiting for that to heal as well.  At least the doctor didn't test that, too. I had to give up my daily walks.  I couldn't go to outdoor activities and walk around.  I've been using a support bandage and icing it.  I also discovered that minimizing climbing stairs and putting my foot up right after I got to work has helped too.

A few weeks ago my body decided it was allergic to Benadryl and all the different over the counter antacids I'd been using.  It was not a lot of fun trying to find a way to calm the fire in my stomach without an antacid. I barely got any sleep. I switched over to Zyrtec and my doctor gave me a prescription for an antacid.  Fortunately for right now, that problem is over.  

I am cautiously optimistic that my minor physical problems will resolve themselves soon.  I might even be more clear-headed, too. Wouldn't that be wonderful?  I wonder what I'll do first to catch up on things.

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