Sunday, April 12, 2015

Cats Like Fish Lamps

The cats and I have had problems trying to carry on after losing Midnight.  She was a big part of all of our lives.  Molly is very intelligent and spent a good part of the day playing games with Midnight.  She was getting bored easily. The birds were gone for the year.  I was tired from work and allergies and sometimes sore.

 I remembered a lamp that my aunt had when I was about three and visiting her with my parents.  It had a shade that was motorized somehow and made it look like water flowing in a waterfall. That made me think of fish lamps I thought I saw for sale.

Not long afterward, I stopped at a yard sale and found a fish lamp for sale. Molly loved it.  She likes to lie in the laptop box and watch it. The colors in it are a little odd. I think they were toned to go with the current decorator colors.  I found a more pleasing one at a second-hand store which was also well appreciated.  However, both light bulbs blew and I have yet to get all the screws off it to replace the bulbs.  I think the screws might need some lubrication.  It's not a bad idea to have two fish lamps if you have the room.  Even cats can figure out that it's the same fish all the time.

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