Thursday, March 5, 2015

Media Cat Deigns to Watch Cat Video

Molly is my media cat.  She loves music and the British archaeological series Time Team.  She will start complaining if I don't put something on soon enough for her entertainment. I hadn't been able to get her interested in videos for cats.  She had had her sister Midnight to play with.  Now she doesn't have her sister, there's nothing to watch outside and she's bored.  I found the video below and thought she might enjoy it.

She watched it!  Her eyes got big and she crept toward the laptop.  Instead of trying to reach a bird, like most cats, she circled the laptop warily, then climbed onto the arm of the chair and then the back.  She sat there starting at the laptop.  She seemed puzzled as to why there were birds on my laptop and their songs were coming out of the speaker.  I told her she's a cat and she's not supposed to be smart enough to be bothered about that.

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