Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Knitting Progress

I am still working on the Bold and Blended Striped Shawl.  I was halfway through the third wedge when I found a dropped stitch near the top edge of the second edge.  I tinked the third wedge and managed to work the dropped stitch up to the edge of the second wedge.  I was very happy about that because it wasn't a matter of going back a few rows.  Then I discovered somehow the short row stitches were twisted the wrong way.  I fixed that and I'm working on the third wedge again.

The Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival is coming up soon.  I'm thinking about buying another hank of yarn so I can do a three-color version of the Camilla Shawl.  I had debated between the light aqua and the teal.  I think the vendor is local to the region.  I might like the combination of the two as the lace edge.  That or teal and lavender.  I'll see what I can find.  That is, if I ever finish the Bold and Blended Striped Shawl.  

I'm learning to cope with a different set of allergies.  Two are molds that show up on leaves and in food.  The other is yeast.  It's difficult to figure out foods that can fill me up without emptying my bank account.  

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