Monday, January 23, 2012

Toe-Up Sock Project

In 2012 I am determined to finish the knitting projects I started in 2011. 
One is the lapel vest.  I think it’ll be fine now.  I decided to knit the vest in one piece using a circular needle.  My shoulder muscles are no longer as built up as they were when I was working in an office, so I find my shoulders get tired.  However, knitting should help me strengthen them again.

The other project is my sock, knit from the toe up.  At the time I started it, the only method of knitting the toe I could understand was the figure eight, so it’s still a figure eight toe.  Last year I decided I had to alternate strands of yarn.  I have no idea why.  I tinked it back to the end of the toe and started knitting the  foot again with one strand.  It looks fine.  For the foot I’ve followed Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts’ directions in Simple Socks Plain and Fancy
The big stumbling block up to now has been the short row heel.  I realized that I have to plan the next step.  I had come across directions to tailor the width of the leg, and that’s why I started the toe-up sock to begin with. I’ve always had trouble finding knee socks that fit.  When I was growing up, the store-bought ones always seemed to be made for more slender legs and fit sometimes too tightly.  I think my calf might start curving out farther down than other people’s.  Since I’m short that would make sense. 

My ultimate goal is custom-fit wool knee socks to wear in cold weather.  Buying decent knee socks in the stores was always hit or miss, and forget about pretty colors.   I decided a long time ago to wear bright, pretty colors because life could get depressing enough.  I wear knee highs and sweater tights as much as possible when I wear skirts, and I prefer skirts over trousers.  My jeans of course are mostly neutral colors.  I have store-bought heavy cotton and wool socks that have lost heels and toes and need to be replaced.  The wool ones seem very coarse next to the merino sock yarn I’ve been knitting.  I suspect the color selections offered are still pretty drab as well. 
I thought I’d gotten directions on tailoring the sock leg from Ravelry, but didn’t find any when I looked for them.  I’m not sure what I read.  I remember two magazine articles and possibly there might be something in a book.  A long time ago I bought a booklet of knee sock patterns from a German company but I think they were all traditional top down.  It’ll be interesting to see where I find the directions and who they’re by.

Molly finds knitting rather boring.  She tries to get my attention because she wants to play.

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