Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Beautiful Appaloosa

A while ago on Etsy I fell in love with this necklace by Freerangeart. I love turquoise and Appaloosa horses, although I only have admired the horses from afar. Her design of galloping Appaloosa, turquoise tassel and a bit of crystal sparkle was a perfect combination. I finally succumbed to the temptation. However, there are three other Appaloosa necklaces still available.

The subject of the necklace brought to mind another favorite, the song "The Heart of the Appaloosa" by Fred Small.

It was a favorite song before I began researching my family history, before I joined the Keepers of the Circle (a local Native American community group) and before I presented my radio program Native Circle on WRPI in Troy, N.Y. The song means even more to me now. I have no Nez Perce ancestry, but other Native American ancestry

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  1. They are beautiful horses. I enjoyed the video and song. I have Cherokee and Choctaw ancestry. I had a love for Native American heritage long before I found out about my ancestors. Hugs