Monday, September 20, 2010

Drying Rack Walkers

I have a cat that likes to hang out on my wooden drying rack.  Its uppermost layer is a shelf with seven rungs.  Emily loves to lie on it, with or without clothes.  I think she rather likes it when there's clothing on it, wet or dry. 

This evening I wanted to hang up the laundry I had just done.  For some reason it didn't occur to me to remove the dry sheets I had on the rack still.  Emily decided to stay lying across the rungs and play keep away.  She struck at me with her paw when I tried to remove a sheet.  I used her favorite cat treats to lure her off the rack.  As soon as I removed the sheets, Molly climbed up there and sprawled across the rungs. However, her sister Molly doesn't like the treats.  She watched as I hung up wet clothing, but she wasn't as resolute as her sister and left as I hung clothing closer to her. 
The next week when it was laundry time Emily was back on the rack and hopped right off as soon as I had the treat bag in my hand.

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  1. Now why haven't we ever thought to do that when our mom hangs up her laundry?