Sunday, September 6, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

I think it's my current state of foggy-headed allerginess that makes it difficult for me to decide on my next knitting project.  The instructions for my last two projects needed a lot of revision while in progress.  The first one was finished to my satisfaction.  The second hasn't been finished yet.  I've gotten tired of ripping out the stitches.  I don't want to take the front all the way back, and I don't think I could rip the rows down evenly because the yarn is variegated.  Sometimes, especially when I'm foggy-headed, I just want to sit and knit.

I think I want something easy and fool-proof.  However, I need to have at least one sweater vest finished for fall.  I have two different selections of wool yarn to make striped vests.  Unfortunately I like vests with vertical stripes, the smallest gauge for the selection of yarn I have is 4 sts per inch, and there aren't many patterns that call for it.  When I was at the Michigan Fiber Festival in Allegan, MI, I bought the beautiful Barn Swallow Vest from Autumn House Farm.  Then I found some lovely hand-painted cormo wool yarn.  It was rather pricey and I spent some time picking out just the right colors.  After I returned home, I discovered that the gauge wasn't given on the printed pattern.  I found out the gauge was too small for the cormo yarn.

I have collected a few patterns for sideways knit vests for the yarn I have.  Tonight I finally made the momentous decision to choose the pattern that would enable me to make the vest closest to the one I wanted in the first place.  I don't know if that means I can easily choose another one or if I'll be adjusting the math in the Barn Swallow Vest

Or I can finish the vest in bulky dark purple merino variegated and use the knitting worsted version of the pattern, if there is one, to knit it in the confetti (natural with purple, turquoise and pink) yarn from A Touch Of Twist

See what I mean?

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